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About us

Mstay has been producing stock imagery for over 10 years and we now sell directly through our own site - Our specialty is cartoon vector illustrations produced in Adobe Illustrator. We also do some 3D and photographic bitmap images.

On this site we are selling images direct to our customers. Buying an image from our website means that you get access to our artwork, subject to the End User License Agreement , for a fee which enables us to keep on producing more great images in the future.

We are located in beautiful Brisbane, Australia.

All of our artwork has been constructed in-house so you can have peace of mind that the copyright on our images belongs to us. If you have suggestions for new images or changes to our existing images please let us know.

To contact us by mail write to P.O.Box 337 Ferny Hills, 4055, Australia.

To contact us by by email please use the contact link at the top of page.