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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is AUD?

AUD is the abbreviation for Australian Dollar. All of our images are priced in Australian Dollars. The USD is currently around 75 cents to one Australian dollar. So people who buy with US dollars will pay approximately 80% of the listed AUD price,  taking into account a small international transfer charge typically charged by most credit cards.

When will I receive the digital file?

You should receive the file immediately after payment. You will automatically be sent a link to download the file. The file has the watermark removed.

What is a vector file?

A vector file is an computer file that has been made with Adobe Illustrator. It uses a series of mathematic points and curves to record the image rather than recording each pixel colour as does a bitmap file (photo). A vector file can be manipulated in Adobe Illustrator. Vectors are very versatile as they can be scaled easily and changes can be made that often don't destroy the existing parts of the image. Changing bitmap files often involves making changes that are permanent or hard to reverse. Vectors lend themselves well to illustration.

What is a bitmap file?

A bitmap is a method of recording an image by recording the RGB value of each pixel in the image. Typically photographs and images made from 3D programs use bitmaps. Vectors can be exported as bitmaps. JPEG is a common form of a bitmap compression and is very popular file type which is why we include a large JPEG file with each of our vector files. Working with bitmaps generally requires a program like Adobe Photoshop.

Does all of your artwork come with vector files included?

No. Bitmaps and photos only come as large JPEG files. Bitmap files are created using a camera or a 3D program. Only vector images come with the vector files. Along with the vector file we have included a large jpeg bitmap file for convenience.

How do you decide on prices?

Images start at $2 and increase in price depending on the quality or complexity. The vector files are released at a higher price point because you receive the .eps vector file that allows you to recolour and edit sections. Our prices reflect the amount of work we put into producing the artwork and allow us to pay for the delivery mechanisms and keep on producing more artwork to meet your future needs.

Can you change images for us?

Yes. We are open to making variations of our existing artwork where ever possible. If we do a variation as suggested we will upload it for purchase to StayStock. This will enable us to increase the portfolio of StayStock. We will notify the person who made the request when possible. We don't do nudity, crude images, horror, sexualised or sexual orientation themes or religions apart from Christianity. We do anatomy for medical purposes. We also reserve the right to refuse any suggested changes for any reason including time restraints.

What do I do if there is a problem with the file?

We can fix it. Let us know as soon as possible and we will fix it whenever possible. After we upload the new file you will be notified of the new update. In some cases, 3D or photographic files may not be fixable, in which case we will offer you another file in its place.